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TherapistExchange.com, LLC is the owner and operator of TherapistExchange.com (hereafter also referred to as "this website"). By accessing this website you agree to all terms and conditions of use and the site's privacy policy. Before reading further, please consider that the websites of major corporations have been hacked. These corporations, with all their resources, have been unable to guarantee privacy and security. This website, with far more limited resources does not believe that it can provide guarantees of security or privacy. TherapistExchange.com, LLC does take security seriously and takes measures to guard against unauthorized access. These measures will not be explained. Explaining these measures would only make it easier for a hacker to penetrate the site. In brief, you use this website entirely at your own risk. TherapistExchange.com, LLC provides no guarantees of security or privacy whatsoever. By entering the site, you indemnify and hold TherapistExchange.com, LLC and all of its members harmless from any and all liability.

Disclaimer Statement

This website is for informational purposes only and does not recommend or endorse any mental health professional, group, organization or company. No information found on this website is intended to serve as medical advice. The intended audience for this website is a mental health professional, however anyone may access the site. Information about various groups and workshops is provided on this website. If you are not a mental health professional, you may not be able to judge whether a particular group or workshop is appropriate for you and you are advised to seek the help of a mental health professional in making this determination. Individuals and organizations who post ads for professional services on this website may or may not be state licensed. Some services require state licensure and others do not. TherapistExchange.com, LLC makes no attempt to verify who is state licensed and who is not. Individuals and organizations who post ads are solely responsible for adhering to state licensure laws when licensure to provide a service is required. For those individuals and organizations which are licensed, there may be specific legal requirements regarding the advertisement of services, such as providing your license number. Those who post ads are responsible for knowing these requirements and adhering to them. Some ads posted on this website are for office rentals or the subletting of offices. TherapistExchange.com, LLC does not guarantee that offices for rent are in compliance with zoning ordinances or building codes and assumes no liability for disputes between tenants and landlords. TherapistExchange.com, LLC reserves the right to edit, abbreviate or reject any submission. Liability for errors in an ad is restricted to either a reprint in the next issue or a refund of the cost of the ad.

Information collected and how it is used

When you subscribe to the TherapistExchange.com newsletter, you obviously have to provide your email address. That address is stored, otherwise, it would not be possible to send the newsletter to you. Your email address is not intentionally shared with or sold to other organizations or individuals. This website itself may eventually be sold and these email addresses as well as all other information collected on this website would be sold as part of the business. TherapistExchange.com, LLC makes no guarantees about what a future owner may do with this information. When you place an ad in the TherapistExchange.com newsletter, you must give an email address as a password. You may also choose to include the same or a different email address in your ad. Obviously, email addresses contained in your ad become public information. Your name and postal address is also collected when you place an ad. This information is not intentionally shared or sold. It and any email address you provide may be used by TherapistExchange.com, LLC to contact you in the future with announcements. Server log information such as IP address, browser type, time of your visit, cookies and other available server information which identifies you may also be collected. TherapistExchange.com, LLC purchases mailing lists of mental health and other professionals which are compiled by the State of California. These mailing lists are used by TherapistExchange.com, LLC to contact such professionals and may also be resold to other individuals or organizations. Again, if this website itself is sold, all information which has been collected will become part of the sale of the business.

Credit cards

When you pay for an ad using your credit card, the payment process actually happens on the server of the credit card processing site, not on the TherapistExchange.com, LLC server. It is a seamless process, so you may not realize that you are transferred to a different website for credit card processing. The purpose of this transfer is to enhance security. After you make your payment, you are returned to the TherapistExchange.com, LLC server. Your full credit card number is not stored on the TherapistExchange.com, LLC server. It is stored on the server of the credit card processor. By accessing the TherapistExchange.com, LLC website, you agree to hold TherapistExchange.com, LLC and all of its members harmless for any and all losses which may result from giving your credit card information. TherapistExchange.com, LLC has no control over the security provided by the credit card processing site.

Changes to this policy

The terms of service and the privacy policy may be changed at any time without notice. Changes will be posted on this website.

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