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Continuing Education, Groups for Therapists, Meetings, Seminars, Workshops

INTEGRATIVE EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED COUPLES (EFT) THERAPY with W. Keith Sutton, Psy.D - Friday January 31st 2020, 10:00am to 5:00pm. Using Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) as a theoretical basis, Dr. Keith Sutton will discuss how to integrate techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Gottman Method Couples Therapy when working with individual issues in a couples context such as ADHD, OCD, panic disorder, and trauma.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, January 28th 2020)

WORKING INTERSUBJECTIVELY: THE CLINICAL RELATIONSHIP AS THE SOURCE OF MEANINGFUL CHANGE Presented by Jane Rubin, PhD, PhD, PsyD. Eight sessions, the 3rd Friday of the month: Oct 18, Nov 15, & Dec 20, 2019; Jan 17, Feb 21, Mar 20, Apr 17 & May 15, 2020. Time: 12:30 - 2:30pm. Location: Community Institute for Psychotherapy, 1330 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 201, San Rafael, CA 94901. Cost: $340 early registration up to 10 days prior to seminar, $360 after CIP Member Discount: $260 early registration up to 10 days prior to seminar; $280 after CEs: 16 CEs for LMFTs, LCSWs, and Psychologists* Certificates issued after completion of eight sessions. *Community Institute for Psychotherapy is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Community Institute for Psychotherapy maintains responsibility for this program and its content. For more information, please visit the Professional Development page at or call 415.459.5999 x101.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, January 28th 2020)

MINDFUL SELF-COMPASSION COURSE, 8 weeks, 24 CE's. We welcome you or your clients to join us for this research-supported experience. We teach from the inside out--as human beings who know what it is to hurt, to fear, to fail, and to need support. Self-compassion is the art of cultivating an "on-demand" inner attachment figure--there to support you, motivate you, and care for you exactly when you need it. Mondays 5:30-8:30pm Feb. 3rd - Mar. 30th with Full-Day Retreat March 8th 9-5pm. Location: 425 University Ave, Sacramento. If interested, please register early to reserve a spot as courses tend to sell out in advance. Taught by two Certified MSC instructors: Luana Coloma Cook, Psy.D. & Sean Cook, Psy.D. Luana: 916-612-9101, Sean: 916-717-1725. Past students have called the MSC experience with us "safe, nurturing, enlightening, profound, life-changing, and worth the sacrifice of missing eight NFL Sundays in a row" Testimonials:    (Ad expires:  Thursday, January 30th 2020)

THE ROUGH PATCH IN MARRIAGE: WORKING WITH COUPLES PSYCHOANALYTICALLY Presented by Daphne de Marneffe, PhD Saturday, April 4, 2020. Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Location: Embassy Suites by Hilton 101 McInnis Parkway, San Rafael, CA 94903 COST: CIP Members: $100 early registration 10 days prior to seminar; $120 after. Non-Members: $130 early registration up to 10 days prior to seminar, $150 after. CEs: 6 CEs for LMFTs, LCSWs, and Psychologists. * *Community Institute for Psychotherapy is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Community Institute for Psychotherapy maintains responsibility for this program and its content. For more information, please visit the Professional Development page on our website at, or call (415) 459-5999 ext. 101.    (Ad expires:  Thursday, January 30th 2020)

EARN 15 CEUs by taking the popular online AWAKENING JOY COURSE (or in person in Berkeley) taught by SPIRIT ROCK MEDITATION CENTER co-founder JAMES BARAZ. Awakening Joy is an internationally recognized 5-month course on opening to life with appreciation, resilience and an open heart, especially in these stressful times. Learn fun and rewarding practices that lead to deep insight and authentic joy. The course has taken by over 20,000 people since 2003. Meets qualifications for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. "A very popular course. Melinda and I went to one of his seminars...Awakening Joy is very good!" -Bill Gates, Microsoft; "Awakening Joy can lead each of us to live with dignity, compassion and gracious freedom. Savor and practice the exercises...use them to open your heart and transform your life." --Jack Kornfield; "Awakening Joy will inspire you to discover genuine happiness and show you how." --Tara Brach    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, February 5th 2020)

"Zen and the Art of Gestalt Psychotherapy: Losing Your Mind and Coming to Your Senses" 4 CE Credits; Saturday, January 25th, 2020, 9am - 1pm; 2700 Capitol Ave., Sacramento.    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, February 5th 2020)

YOUTH SUICIDE PREVENTION WORKSHOP - The Institute for the Advancement of Psychotherapy (IAP) has invited Guy Diamond, PhD, the developer of Attachment Based Family Therapy (ABFT) to come to San Francisco to present on Youth Suicide Prevention. ABFT is the only evidence based treatment for adolescent suicide, and the approach was developed by working with adolescents and families after the adolescents' suicide attempt. This workshop provides an introduction to state of the art, empirically supported clinical strategies to help mental health professionals and others who come in contact with suicidal youth manage crises related to suicidal thoughts and behaviors as well as engage families in treatment. It also fulfills the six hour suicide prevention training requirement for psychologists in the state of California.    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, February 5th 2020)

ROOTS OF OUR THERAPIST SELF for Talk and Play therapists. This training explores how we as therapists are shaped by our culture & family of origin & how this impacts on our work with clients, using 2 powerful, experiential mediums: the cultural sandtray & the play therapy genogram (uses miniatures to symbolically represent family members) plus conversation to look at issues unearned societal advantages & the effect on us as helping professionals- No sandtray experience needed 6CEs: LCSWs, MFTs, LPCCs, LEPs & approved by Association for Play Therapy.2/1/20 in Oakland.    (Ad expires:  Thursday, February 6th 2020)

FILIAL THERAPY INTENSIVE, 27 hrs, 2/13-16/20. FT is an evidence based attachment & skills based model that integrates the magic of Child Centered Play Therapy & direct involvement of parents in change process. Therapist teaches & supervises parents to become healers of own child. This experiential training is limited to 6 participants to allow extensive feedback. Karen Pernet has been teaching this model for over 15 yrs & is known for her knowledgeable & supportive approach. Approved for psychologists, LCSWs, MFTs, LCPCs & for credentialing play therapists    (Ad expires:  Thursday, February 6th 2020)

ARE YOU Tired OF BEING TIRED? Do you experience burnout, emotional exhaustion, overload, feeling drained by specific people? It can feel like the world is determined to overwhelm and take you hostage. Knowing that you can care for you and still stay present is the greatest gift to oneself. How do you do this? By understanding and learning how to hold an energetic boundary while still being present, empathic, and compassionate. Unspoken Boundaries is an experiential workshop that will change how you see yourself and change how you experience the world. Workshops in Roseville, Ventura, and Santa Monica in February. CE's available. While there is a spiritual element, whatever your spiritual orientation is, is both welcomed and supported. This workshop is open to anyone that has some awareness of what is happening in their body. Sign up for this one-day workshop and come away with a new paradigm that allows you to be fully you. For more information go to the website or call 510-627-0090.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, February 11th 2020)

A FIELD GUIDE TO DREAMS AND DREAMING Presented by Meredith Sabini, PhD Date: Friday, March 13, March 27, & April 10, April 24, 2020. "Time:12:15 pm - 2:15 pm. " Location: Community Institute for Psychotherapy (CIP), 1330 Lincoln, San Rafael, CA 94901. COST: CIP Members: $130 early registration 10 days prior to first session; $150 after. Non-Members: $160 early registration up to 10 days prior to first session, $180 after CEs: 8 CEs for LMFTs, LCSWs, and Psychologists* *Community Institute for Psychotherapy is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Community Institute for Psychotherapy maintains responsibility for this program and its content. For more information, please visit, or call (415) 459-5999 ext. 101.    (Ad expires:  Thursday, February 13th 2020)

Systematic Affair Recovery Therapy (SART)™ Sacramento Valley Mar 6th-8th --3-Day Intensive Workshop --21 CEUs --Practitioner's Training Certification. SEATING IS LIMITED. REGISTER NOW.    (Ad expires:  Sunday, March 1st 2020)

HAND IN HAND: ENLISTING PARENTS AS PARTNERS IN CHILD TRAUMA THERAPY Presented by Vilma Reyes, PsyD Date: Saturday, February 8, 2020. Time:" 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Location: Dominican University of California-Creekside Room, 50 Acacia Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901. COST: CIP Members: $100 early registration 10 days prior to seminar; $120 after. Non-Members: $130 early registration up to 10 days prior to seminar, $150 after CEs: 6 CEs for LMFTs, LCSWs, and Psychologists. * *Community Institute for Psychotherapy is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Community Institute for Psychotherapy maintains responsibility for this program and its content. For more information, please visit the Professional Development page on our website at, or call (415) 459-5999 ext. 101.    (Ad expires:  Thursday, March 26th 2020)

Trauma Therapy Training - BRAINSPOTTING with Lisa Larson, LMFT and Founder of Pacific Counseling & Trauma Center. Phase 1 Classes: Honolulu - February 7 - 9, 2020, Folsom February 21 - 23. Phase 2 Classes: Pleasant Hill, CA March 20 - 22, 2020, San Diego - April 17 - 19, 2020, Honolulu - May 1 - 3, 2020. Brainspotting offers people the opportunity to receive immediate and long-lasting relief from trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, OCD, grief, sports performance problems as well relationship issues. Who can take Brainspotting? This training is available to all counselors, social workers, psychologists, addiction counselors and others in the healing professions with strong clinical backgrounds, as well as students and interns. Brainspotting is a great practice builder. 21 CE units are available.    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, April 1st 2020)

ONLINE COURSES to MEET SUPERVISION & LAW/ETHICS BBS REQUIREMENTS. Approved for CAMFT CERTIFIED SUPERVISOR PROGRAM Part I,III. May be applied to EITHER Law/Ethics OR Supervision requirements--Culturally Relevant Supervision:Ethical Practice 6CEU $62, Self-disclosures & Supervision:Ethical Considerations 6CEU $62 and Law, Ethics & Supervision: The Use of Authority 6CEU $62. Meets the BBS Supervision requirement-Clinical Supervision Basics:Obstacles to Learning & Teaching 6CEU $62 and 5 Ways to Expand the Clinical Dialogue in Therapy & Supervision 6CEU $62 Ricki Boden LCSW, LMFT CEP#56659    (Ad expires:  Sunday, April 12th 2020)

HAND IN HAND: ENLISTING PARENTS AS PARTNERS IN CHILD TRAUMA THERAPY Presented by Vilma Reyes, PsyD Date: Saturday, February 8, 2020. Time:" 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Location: Dominican University of California-Creekside Room, 50 Acacia Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901. COST: CIP Members: $100 early registration 10 days prior to seminar; $120 after. Non-Members: $130 early registration up to 10 days prior to seminar, $150 after CEs: 6 CEs for LMFTs, LCSWs, and Psychologists. * *Community Institute for Psychotherapy is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Community Institute for Psychotherapy maintains responsibility for this program and its content. For more information, please visit the Professional Development page on our website at, or call (415) 459-5999 ext. 101.    (Ad expires:  Thursday, May 21st 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: 2020 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programs offered seasonally by certified MBSR teacher Denise Dempsey, M.Ed. See website for current schedule. Other offerings include 1:1 training & coaching.    (Ad expires:  Monday, January 27th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: SVC-CAMFT PRESENTS: The Adoption Journey and the Role of Mental Health Specialists by Jenenne Macklin, LCSW on Friday February 7 from 19:30am to 4:30pm at Rancho Cordova City Hall, 2729 Prospect Park Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 CAMFT CEPA CE Provider #62279 - 6 CEUS, Continental Breakfast, Snacks and Lunch Included. Doors open and Networking starts at 8:30AM. This workshop/gathering is an opportunity for all levels of mental/behavioral health specialists to gain knowledge about adoption and exchange ideas related to providing treatment and coordinating services for people who choose to become a loving, "forever" family. Part of the presentation will be an examination of attachment and adoption. Additionally, the types of legal adoptions will be presented. There will also be an introduction to the inner circle of adoption and the outer circles that include mental/behavioral health specialists. Please see the link for more information.    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, January 29th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Spiritual Formation For Emotional Well-Being: My name is Jon Holmes and I'm a licensed MFT and professor of spiritual formation at the graduate level. I am beginning a consultation group for psychotherapists looking to increase scope of practice and explore how to best integrate spiritual formation offerings into their work with Christian clients. A core focus of consultation training will be in the area of helping clients discover the life giving reality flowing from the relational substance of the Trinity and how this helps over-write powerful wounds from one's family of origin. Helping clients discover and live in the "Grace of Today" is the focus of my practice, and if this resonates with you then you may find this consultation group a rich experience. I also provide individual consultation and mentoring for therapists longing to experience personal revitalization through spiritual formation. Please send an email if interested and I will provide more information.    (Ad expires:  Monday, February 3rd 2020)

Educational, Self-Help and Therapy Groups for Patients

(Please note: Group leaders may or may not be state-licensed therapists. If you are seeking a group run by a state-licensed therapist you should request the facilitator's license number and check it out through the licensing board.)

Motherless Daughters group in Sacramento. We will be offering a group for adult women 18 and older who lost their mothers prior to the age of 22. This group will provide a safe and nurturing place were women can connect and share their grief experiences and discuss the specific challenges that come from being a motherless daughter. The group will meet for 6 weeks beginning January, 22 to February, 26. Cost for group is $300. Sliding scale may be available. Contact Stephanie Brodsky, LCSW at 916-384-7458 or Jen Bauer, LCSW at    (Ad expires:  Saturday, January 25th 2020)

"Turbo Boost" your clients recovery. LifeSTAR Sacramento is an outpatient treatment program for individuals/couples adversely affected by compulsive sexual behaviors. We offer a weekend intensive workshop starting Friday, Jan 24th 6:00-9:00PM and Saturday, Jam 25th, 9:00-5:00PM. Our workshop is psycho-educational and specifically designed to provide a structured recovery road map for sobriety and stabilization strategies for the negative impact of relational trauma on partners. The program is facilitated by CSAT's (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapists) and provides clients/couples with an integrative treatment model including workbook materials with emphasis on CBT, Attachment, Carnes 30 Tasks of Recovery, Brene Brown Shame Resiliency, Mindfulness and Couples EFT Attachment Model. Clients need an assessment or referral to participate. For more info and case consultation contact Leslie Haws, LMFT, CSAT visit us Email: (916)728-5433    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, February 4th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: ADULT DBT SKILL BUILDING WORKSHOP - Suzanne Mell, LMFT and Colette Perkins, LMFT at Building Foundations Counseling Center, Inc. in Folsom are providing a 7 Week Workshop: Every Monday 3/2/20-4/20/20 from 5:30-7:00pm. We will skip Mon. 4/6 due to many schools are on Spring Break. Skills Taught: Core Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. This is a great companion for patients who are currently participating in DBT therapy with a Behavior Health Provider. It allows patients to continue to see their current provider, while attending this once a week class. Patients will be provided tool packets at each class, which they can take back to discuss and personalize with their current provider, as a powerful way to further reinforce these skills toward achieving more effective and desirable coping skills and behavior changes. Cost is $350 (materials included). Please call 916-988-5531 to register soon as seating is limited.    (Ad expires:  Monday, February 17th 2020)

For Sale
Offices For Rent

El Dorado Hills Office. Large room with window on 1st floor. 1 day/wk for $125/mo or 2 days/wk for $250/mo. Includes utilities, internet and cleaning. 1 yr renewable lease. Dr Rosenberg 916 879-2641.       (Ad expires:  Monday, February 17th 2020)

S.Bay: Psychotherapy Office in Los Gatos available full days: Thursday, Friday, weekends; partial days on Monday and Tuesday from after 4:00 pm. Office is located in Lyndon Plaza at 20 South Santa Cruz Avenue, directly across the street from Town Plaza Park with easy access to Hwy 17 N/S. This is a two suite office with a small private waiting room shared by both offices. Two psychologists and one licensed clinical social worker currently use the suite. Office is suitable for seeing adults and children and will be available on February 1, 2020. Rent with a 6-12 month sublease: 1 day/week $400/month, 2 days/week $700/month, 3 days/week $950/month Rent for month to month sublease: 1 day/week $500/month, 2 days/week $800/month, 3 days/week $1050/month.       (Ad expires:  Sunday, February 16th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Office Sublease Available in Rocklin,CA ! $175 1 day/month. Available 7 days a week. Beautiful office suite. Fully furnished. See website for pictures. Call, text or email Jennifer 916-889-3682.    (Ad expires:  Thursday, January 30th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Offices available in Rocklin. One small office is located in a suite occupied by Therapists. Rent is $375.00 per month, plus $32.00 for utilities. The other office is 875 square feet. It includes a reception room, a conference room and three individual offices. Rent is $975.00 per month and does not include utilities. The larger office requires a one year minimum lease. Prime location with easy access to I-80 and public transportation. For more information contact Teresa at (916) 289-1190.       (Ad expires:  Saturday, February 1st 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Quiet first floor office available in West Roseville. The unfurnished office is located in a two-office suite occupied with another therapist. Rent is $475 per month, including utilities. The suite includes a furnished waiting room area, and restroom facility. Rent also includes conference room availability, upon request. Prime location with easy access to Hwy 65, I-80 and public transportation. Handicap accessible. For more information contact Phil Cunningham, @ 916-521-4378.    (Ad expires:  Sunday, February 2nd 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Shared office with non-profit children's health org available in East Sacramento. Private office space/meeting room, shared bathroom, waiting room, and kitchenette. Victorian. Close to McKinley Park. On street parking. Second floor office. Full 24/7: $650 a month. Part-time shared rate: $150 per day/week (discount available for child/teen practitioners). Preference towards child/teen therapists.       (Ad expires:  Monday, February 3rd 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Fridays and Sundays available. Rent is $92/month for 1 day/week in the office, $184/mo for 2 days. There are 2 offices in the suite. Rent includes: waiting room, kitchenette, therapist bathroom in-suite, client bathroom in lobby, file room, cleaning service, wifi internet, and utilities. A few therapists are established and share space in this suite. Address: 2322 Butano Drive, suite 109, Sacramento 95825. Call/text/email to set up time to see the space. Mary Huarte (916) 802-3603       (Ad expires:  Monday, February 3rd 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: ROSEVILLE - PT $245 month for 1 and 1/2 days or 3 half days or $320 for 2 days a week. Negotiable days available: Tues, Wed, Fri, or Sat. Newly Furnished Office Space. 185 sq. feet with a large inviting lobby, conference room, break room, and atrium. Visible location with easy access from Highway 80. This building is currently occupied by 4 established therapists and a few other quiet professionals. Available immediately or you can hold for 30 days upon $50 background check and deposit. To view please call, text or email Karen Moore at 916-749-0063 or       (Ad expires:  Tuesday, February 4th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Seeking experienced LCSW to rent office on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Sunday for 350. Per month. I would like someone I could refer some insurance patients to, Anthem Blue Cross, Optum and MHN. There is admin Office, private waiting room and very large therapy room. Comfortably furnished. You can view on Facebook under Art for Growth and Development. I would need your resume and license, etc. Call 916 801 5805 between 7:30 and 9:30am to speak to me personally or email me. Look forward to talking to you.       (Ad expires:  Friday, February 7th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Modern quiet professional (therapist) offices available, one starting Feb 1 another opening May 1. Easy access, parking, waiting area and kitchen. Annual commitment required $650 per month.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, February 11th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Sublet office, fully equipped with Wifi, fridge, copier and waiting room. Big enough to run a small group. Will send pictures upon request. American River Dr/Watt Ave near 50. $125 day/month, multi-day discount. Monday until 4, all day Thursday, Friday after 4. Available beginning 3/2/2020 916-587-2954    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, February 18th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: FOLSOM: Spacious and Bright corner office available for sublease in a comfortable and professional counseling office suite. This desirable suite is located on the 2nd floor in a convenient location & beautiful business park. There are 2 walls of windows in the 160 +/- sq.ft.with a lot of natural light. Located near a light rail stop & Hwy 50, and surrounded by a variety of restaurants. Rent is $1200/month and available by 2/15/2020. Rent includes: Internet service, copier/fax use, shared lobby, shared use of 2 group rooms, break room use which includes water cooler and janitorial service. Call Kelli at 916-988-5531 or e-mail to schedule a tour.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, February 18th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Quiet attractive window suite, newly furnished, available to sublet in modern professional office building. $450/month. Rent includes utilities and many amenities, view of outdoor water feature, reception staff, conference room availability, janitorial and café. Plenty of parking and easy access to Hwy 50. Close to Fair Oaks and Rancho Cordova, not far from Sacramento and Folsom. Available flexibly M-F mornings until 1:00pm, M-F evenings after 5:30pm and all-day weekends. 2377 Gold Meadow Way, Gold River, CA 95670. For more information contact Genny Lou-Barton 916-778-0898       (Ad expires:  Tuesday, February 18th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: In Folsom - lovely upscale offices, each with windows. Established location, shared waiting room, break/work room, fax, frig, bottled water, private restroom, private entrance, alarm. Encrypted wifi, storage, space for file cabinet available. Located in the Lake Natoma office park on Folsom Blvd at Woodmere Road. Rent negotiable based on room size and length of lease. Contact Katherine at 916 458-5505 or       (Ad expires:  Wednesday, February 19th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Sunny and quiet office available Feb 15th in our homey suite in the Fair Oaks village. Perfect for individual therapy work and/or a new clinician just starting out. Evening and weekend use ok. Communal waiting room, bathroom and break area. Parking right outside. $475 for entire month or $100 per particular day, per month. We are looking for someone quiet, considerate and LGBT savvy. We are a psychologist and a licensed MFT with part time practices. Contact Rachel at or call 510-359-8756.       (Ad expires:  Wednesday, February 19th 2020)

SanFrancisco: Sublet available, Mondays, Fridays (and weekends) in the historic Mechanics Institute Building on Post and Montgomery. Steps away from the Montgomery BART and MUNI stations. $350 per month per day for 2 days/week. $390 per month per day for 1 day/week. Weekends available for $250 per month per day. 24 hour access. Available immediately. Contact: Mena Zaminsky 415-420-4464 email:       (Ad expires:  Friday, January 24th 2020)

SanFrancisco: Pac Heights psychotherapy office sublet, Mondays. One of three in a three office suite. Prime location, near Muni lines, stores, shops, and parking garage. Utilities, cleaning included. Kitchen, microwave, refrigerator. $308 per month.       (Ad expires:  Monday, February 10th 2020)

Offices Wanted

E.Bay: Office wanted on or near Solano Avenue in Berkeley. I am looking for a full time psychotherapy office. Please call me at 510 655 3975 Terry       (Ad expires:  Sunday, February 16th 2020)

Other Services/Miscellaneous

THERAPIST PRACTICE WEBSITES STARTING AT $500 - I build professional, user-friendly WordPress websites for sole proprietors and small businesses. Please visit to learn about our process and to view my portfolio; contact me to schedule a free consultation in the Sacramento area. I look forward to hearing from you! Sue Lerdahl/Lerdahl Web Design    (Ad expires:  Monday, February 3rd 2020)

Intensive In-Home Family Treatment (IIFT), is a family centered, innovative home-based treatment model for high conflict families designed to stabilize a child or adolescent in the home without the need for hospitalization or residential care. IIFT is also appropriate when traditional outpatient therapy has not been able to effect positive change. The model is based in part on a Wraparound platform but with a number of unique, highly effective enhancements not found anywhere else including an optional use of in-home cameras that allows for 24/7 intervention and real time coaching. For more information or to refer a family to IIFT, please visit and to view a short video of an overview of IIFT, please visit: or Or to get a feel for IIFT and how we work with reactivity in families please visit: IIFT is covered by most insurances.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, February 4th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: 3rd Annual SVC-CAMFT Job Fair for Mental Health Professionals - 3rd Annual Mental Health Professionals Job Fair Location: Mack Powell Event Center, 2003 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825 Date: Wed, March 04, 2020 10:00 AM PST - Click link for more information There will be Raffle prizes for job Seekers * (1) $100 Amazon Gift Card * (2) $50 Amazon Gift Cards * (4) $25 Amazon Gift Cards * (2) 12 hour CE Law and Ethics Registrations * (2) 6 CE Workshop Registrations (includes lunch) * (4) 2 CE Workshop Registrations (includes breakfast) Sponsored Employers: Turning Point Employers: Telecare Corp    (Ad expires:  Monday, February 3rd 2020)

Positions Available

Sankofa Holistic Counseling Services has openings for two Pre-Licensed individuals for its internship program This is an 8-21 hours per week internship in a private practice setting as well as off site at contracted locations. The ideal candidates will be motivated to provide psycho-educational groups i.e., support groups, self-esteem groups and life-skills groups to men who were formerly incarcerated. Master level students who are looking for practicum placement are also encouraged to apply. These are stipend positions.    (Ad expires:  Friday, January 24th 2020)

BAY AREA CENTER FOR ADHD IS HIRING - The Bay Area Center for ADHD ( is hiring clinicians (MFTs, LCSW, PhD/PsyD, LPC) in San Francisco, Marin, the East Bay, Peninsula, and South Bay. Clinicians may see clients in our clinics, or may see clients in their own private practice offices. We are hiring licensed clinicians who have experience with CBT and Family Systems, and there are opportunities for training in CBT, Family Systems, EMDR, and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Our group practice meets on the first Friday of the month in San Francisco to discuss research, keep each other up to date on treatment, and to discuss cases. Clinicians who are newer to the practice attend our consultation group on Mondays from 12-2 in San Francisco. To apply, email your cover letter and resume to We hope you can join our team!    (Ad expires:  Thursday, January 30th 2020)

Dr. Erika Frieze, Clinical Director and Owner of Bridges of the Mind Psychological Services, Inc, is hiring for a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who is looking to join an established assessment based group practice full-time. Ideal candidate will have expert level training the the ADOS-2, ASD evaluations, ADHD, and learning disorder evaluations for the lifespan. Office is located in West Sacramento. Please contact Dr. Frieze at 530-302-5791 for further information.    (Ad expires:  Friday, January 31st 2020)

Sacramento Children's Home is growing - come grow with us. Founded in 1867, the Sacramento Children's Home is the oldest active charity in Sacramento and among the most highly respected; we have added our newest program to the SCH family of programs, The Source! We are currently looking to fill the following opportunities: Licensed Urgent Response Therapists: FT ($63,618.40 annual) Plus $2,000.00 sign on bonus; and Urgent Response Supervisor: FT($62,402.88 annual)plus $7,500.00 if Licensed and $2,000.00 sign on bonus. We do offer a comprehensive benefits package. For detailed information about each position, visit our career page @ to submit an application and review other available Mental Health positions.       (Ad expires:  Thursday, February 6th 2020)

Part-time clinical position is available for an independent/licensed clinician who is interested in treating mostly adult clients. The office is furnished and without costs.   3650 AUBURN BLVD # A200    (Ad expires:  Monday, February 10th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Cameron Park Counseling is looking to add 3 positions to our staff of clinicians: Child Therapist (FT), Clinical Psychologist (FT), and a Psychiatrist (PT - Tel-Medicine) to join our amazing group of Clinicians. We are open Monday through Sunday 9am - 9pm and we offer a concierge environment which includes collegiate support and collaboration, Medical Billing, Administrative and Secretarial support, all equipment, referrals and a beautifully remodeled offices with a beach like feel overlooking the airport and Cameron Park Lake. Please contact Marie at the above email. Looking forward to working with you.    (Ad expires:  Monday, January 27th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Vantage Point Center for Psychotherapy is hiring licensed psychologists for our group practice in Sacramento. Good for people who do not want to deal with insurance or the business end of private practice. Medical/dental, retirement benefits for full-time clinicians. Extra consideration given to those with specialized training and experience doing supervision/training and working with Eating Disorders or OCD/Anxiety Disorders. We are interested in finding a good fit to expand our training program for doctoral students. To apply please send letter of interest and CV to    (Ad expires:  Sunday, February 9th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Three Figs Counseling in Davis is looking for dedicated psychotherapists to join our growing group. Must be licensed for a minimum of 1 year. Competitive compensation with health insurance benefits. Therapist must have a niche(s) (adolescents, young adults, couples, families, trauma, EMDR, EFT, etc.) and be willing to market themselves to grow their referral base and recognition in the community. Steady stream of referrals, billing and scheduling provided. Minimum of 30 hours per week. Must be independent, driven, collaborative, and enhance our fun, connected, and positive minded group.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, February 11th 2020)

Sac/N.Inland: Attention LMFTs, LCSWs and LPCCs. Kiasi Retreats in quaint Fair Oaks, CA is accepting resumes for a Certified Art Therapist opportunity. We offer flexible work schedule, in a progressive and collaborative team environment. Experience working as part of a multidisciplinary team is a huge plus. PsyDs are encouraged to send their resume. To apply, please send resume by email.    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, February 12th 2020)

SanFrancisco: Oakes Children's Center is a school-based mental health agency that provides mental health services to youth with emotional and/or developmental challenges and their families, particularly in underserved communities. The School Based Mental Health Clinicians provide services at San Francisco district schools, including individual and group therapy, attendance at IEP meetings, family therapy, and clinical consultation. License in Psychology, Social Work, or MFT preferred; eligibility required. Go to:   http://    (Ad expires:  Monday, February 3rd 2020)

SanFrancisco: San Francisco Forensic Institute provides intake assessments and individual and group therapy to sexual offenders. Seeking a part-time Spanish Speaking licensed or license eligible therapist.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, February 11th 2020)

Stockton/C.Inland: Stockton: CVCCA is seeking PT an FT AMFT's, ASW's (minimum 1500 clinical hours) and/or LMFT's, LCSW's to join our team. Therapists will be working with court mandated CPS clients. CPS Social Workers have required topics such as Parenting, Anger Mgmt, Substance Abuse, Reunification, DV. Clients are given an allotted # of session; in that time clients need to understand why CPS has removed their child(ren) and how to provide appropriate care in the future. Flexible DT hrs. No field work. Interested visit for more info. call/text 209-513-1908    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, February 11th 2020)

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