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Continuing Education, Groups for Therapists, Meetings, Seminars, Workshops

90048 ONLINE CERTIFICATION COURSE WITH ACCESS TO LIVE Q&A SESSIONS. 17 CEUs. Become certified as a Level 1 Systematic Affair Recovery Therapist. This online training is for counselors and students who are either new to the SART model or who want to broaden their understanding of it. The goal is to help participants achieve an intermediate level of competency in the clinical practice of infidelity counseling. Participants will learn about the milestones of recovery and how to incorporate the new interventions in their current practice. The training is conducted by Dr. Alsaleem via recorded lectures.    (Ad expires:  Sunday, July 4th 2021)

94131 ONLINE COURSES to MEET SUPERVISION & LAW/ETHICS BBS REQUIREMENTS. Courses may be applied to EITHER Law/Ethics OR Supervision requirements--Culturally Relevant Supervision:Ethical Practice 6CEU $62, Self-disclosures & Supervision:Ethical Considerations 6CEU $62 and Law, Ethics & Supervision: The Use of Authority 6CEU $62. Meets the BBS Supervision requirement-Clinical Supervision Basics:Obstacles to Learning & Teaching 6CEU $62 and 5 Ways to Expand the Clinical Dialogue in Therapy & Supervision 6CEU $62 Ricki Boden LCSW, LMFT CEP#56659    (Ad expires:  Sunday, August 1st 2021)

94602 The Here and Now of Sandtray-An opportunity to explore sandtray as a living world;using a container of sand & a world composed of miniatures, creating an experience which activates senses, creativity & intellect. A hands on, in person training, 4 participants, in a well ventilated room-vaccination required. 6/26&27 in Oakland; 12CEs, APT approved. Contact Karen for more info.    (Ad expires:  Friday, June 25th 2021)

94602 ONLINE training-USING PLAY THERAPY TO TREAT TRAUMA. 7/10/21 Examines the impact of trauma on the brain & benefits of play therapy to assess & treat. Directive & non-directive approaches taught; additionally a variety of practical interventions that can be used in multiple environments. The training will be didactic and experiential. 6 CEs approved by BBS; 6 credits from Association for Play Therapy. Taught by Jeannette Harroun, jeannette@bay-area    (Ad expires:  Thursday, July 8th 2021)

94602 CHILD CENTERED PLAY THERAPY INTENSIVE-in person. 7/31-8/1 in Oakland. Small group training (max 6) for professionals to learn this basic & relational skill for working with children showing behavioral or emotional problems. Teaching methods: lecture, discussion, videos, roleplays & individualized, supportive feedback.Course includes theory and core skills of structure, empathic listening, imaginative roleplay & limit setting. 12 CEs from BBS, 12 units approved by Assoc. for Play Therapy. Faculty:Jeannette Harroun, Well ventilated room, vaccinations required.    (Ad expires:  Thursday, July 8th 2021)

95616 1 spot open in 2 INTEGRATIVE COUPLES THERAPY CASE CONSULTATION GROUPS honoring & inclusive of your theoretical approach incl.EFT,RLT(Terry Real),IFS,Gottman,Psychodynamic,Systems,&more.Integrating work of Esther Perel. 4 person groups/meeting every other week Thursdays @1-2pm.Or 1st&3rd Wed 12-1pm.$60/pp//60 minutes. Individual clients w/relationship issues may be appropriate. lFor more info about Sharon's experience and approach go to If interested contact Sharon Thompson Wilson, LMFT to set up a no cost get-acquainted Zoom session. 530-304-3004    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, June 29th 2021)

95762 Revolutionize Your Intake & Treatment Plan Process with Lisa Larson, LMFT, on Zoom, July 16th, 9:00 - 6:00 and July 17th, 9:00 - 12:00 (practicum). 10.75 CE units available. - Learn what they don't teach you in school. This course teaches step by step techniques to assure you have a very comprehensive intake process and treatment plan for each of your clients. The plan allows you to measure the client's progress throughout the process. With measurable goals you and your client will never be lost during treatment. Clients appreciate knowing you will be a warrior in helping them meet all of their deepest desires and goals. The objective of the process is to "graduate" your client and not keep them in perpetual therapy. The class provides access to intake forms, processes and tracking sheets which can be customized with your own practice information. Techniques taught with Power Point lecture, discussion with Q & A, demonstrations and practicums.    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, July 28th 2021)

95816 For EMDR Therapists becoming EMDRIA Certified. A new online consultation group is available to therapists throughout California and the US. Five two-hour consultation groups, or 10 consultation hours toward EMDRIA certification. Cost is $180 for all. This small group meets virtually, on five Fridays, June-September, from 12:00-2:00. For questions or to register, contact Sharon Skelton, LMFT, Certified EMDR Therapist and consultant in the EMDRIA CIT program (916) 719-3218.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, June 29th 2021)

SUMMER INTENSIVE July 26th-July 30th Attachment Based - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AB-CBST). The training covers all the elements of AB-CBST in one week's time and will be held daily on Zoom: Day 1 - Integrated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Day 2 - Integrated Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Day 3 - Evolving Structural-Strategic Family Therapy Day 4 - Introduction to Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Day 5 - Motivational Interviewing, Creative Techniques in Child Therapy, and Assessment and Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Adolescents and Adults    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, June 22nd 2021)

ONLINE WORKSHOPS AVAILABLE & EARN CE CREDIT HOURS: Unspoken Boundaries┬« Workshops will teach you how to manifest, manipulate, strengthen your energetic boundaries, and teach you how to harness it into a concentrated and manipulatable form. If you've ever encountered a person having a bad day they can really impact your energy if you aren't properly equipped to handle their negative invasion. The Unspoken Boundaries┬« Sentinel Workshop will give you the tools needed to use your energy to guard yourself against these invasions, which leads to having more healthy interactions with others while remaining compassionate and empathetic without damaging your own energetic state. Taught by Merle Yost, LMFT, you will take control of your energy and transcend your current state of being. For upcoming workshop dates please visit our website at Workshops are 2.5 hours long and conducted in webinar format.    (Ad expires:  Friday, July 2nd 2021)

INTEGRATIVE COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY- with W. Keith Sutton, Psy.D. July 26th,10am - 5pm.Significant empirical research has demonstrated its effectiveness with issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, phobias, panic disorder, OCD, ADHD, and other issues. This theory behind CBT provides a structure for a number of interventions culled from a variety of theoretical sources, which include DBT, Schema Therapy, ACT, Prolonged Exposure, Exposure with Response Prevention, EMDR, Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and others.    (Ad expires:  Monday, July 5th 2021)

INTEGRATIVE EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED COUPLES THERAPY with W. Keith Sutton, Psy.D. on Zoom Tuesday, July 27th 10am-5pm. Using Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) as a theoretical basis, Dr. Sutton will provide an introduction to EFT theory, and discuss how to integrate knowledge from Gottman research, and techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing when working with individual issues in a couples context such as ADHD, OCD, panic disorder, and trauma. For more information click here:    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, July 6th 2021)

EVOLVING STRUCTURAL-STRATEGIC FAMILY THERAPY (ESSFT) - with James Keim, LCSW and W Keith Sutton, Psy.D. on Zoom Wednesday, July 28th - 10am to 5pm. Evolving Structural-Strategic Family Therapy provides a four step treatment approach that is a clear roadmap for working with families. ESSFT utilizes theories and techniques from Structural Family Therapy, Strategic Family Therapy, Behavioral Family Therapy, Attachment Based Family Therapy, Neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. For more information go to:    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, July 7th 2021)

AN INTRODUCTION TO EYE MOVEMENT DESENSITIZATION REPROCESSING (EMDR) with W. Keith Sutton, Psy.D. Thursday, July 29th, 2021 from 10am-7:30pm. In this workshop, therapists will be introduced to the theory and technique of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and will have a chance to practice EMDR. Dr. Sutton will present the protocol for EMDR with trauma, as well as incorporating EMDR in everyday practice with nontrauma clients. For more information and to register click here:    (Ad expires:  Thursday, July 8th 2021)

CREATIVE TECHNIQUES IN CHILD THERAPY, July 30th 2021 10am-12pm, Zoom. We will first cover how to engage children's natural energy and willingness to participate through play, metaphor and creativity. The tools discussed in this workshop can be applied in more complex problems such as trauma. The class will be active, participatory, and also include video of sessions. To register, use this link    (Ad expires:  Monday, July 12th 2021)

AN INTRODUCTION TO MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEWING with W. Keith Sutton, Psy.D. Friday July 30th from 1-3pm on Zoom, Motivational interviewing has been found to be an effective approach to treating alcohol and substance abuse disorders and many other mental health and physical health problems. It is a clinical method or style that is effective in assisting clients to make difficult changes in their lives. This workshop will review the Stages of Change and introduce the spirit, principles and strategies of the Motivational Interviewing method.    (Ad expires:  Monday, July 12th 2021)

ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT OF ADHD IN ADULTS AND ADOLESCENTS - with W. Keith Sutton, Psy.D July 30th, 2021 from 3:30pm - 5:30pm on Zoom. In this workshop, we will review how to assess and diagnose ADHD in adults and adolescents, how to treat ADHD in adults and adolescents using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, review an evidence based treatment for adults with ADHD, understand how ADHD affects family and couples relationships, and discuss the art of working with adults and adolescents with ADHD. For more information visit:    (Ad expires:  Monday, July 12th 2021)

Educational, Self-Help and Therapy Groups for Patients

(Please note: Group leaders may or may not be state-licensed therapists. If you are seeking a group run by a state-licensed therapist you should request the facilitator's license number and check it out through the licensing board.)

95825 Sac/N.Inland: 95825 Divorce Options Workshop Free Event. This community service workshop educates your clients (men/women/partners) about legal, financial, and emotional issues of divorce, including co-parenting. Presenters are an attorney, financial specialist, and licensed mental health professional. Workshop Info: free, 3 hrs. once a month on Sat. 9-12. To register, contact (916) 548-9919 Registrants will be sent ZOOM link.    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, September 7th 2021)

LifeSTAR Sacramento is now offering in person sessions, workshops and groups. We continue to offer out-patient treatment services for individuals/couples adversely affected by compulsive sexual behaviors. Our next Phase 1 Weekend Workshop for individuals and couples starts Friday August 23-24. Facilitated by CSAT therapists, this highly successful workshop is a jump start into treatment or a re-set for those currently in recovery. Each participant benefits from a well-planned and structured recovery road map for sobriety from compulsive sexual behaviors and strategies for stabilization from partner relational trauma. Our program is an integrative treatment model with emphasis on CBT, Attachment, Carnes 30 Recovery Tasks, Mindfulness, Shame Reduction and Neuroscience. We also offer specialized assessments, couples and partner treatment. For more info or to refer a client contact Leslie Haws, Clinical Director LMFT, CSAT at    (Ad expires:  Monday, July 5th 2021)

LifeSTAR Sacramento is dedicated to providing specialized treatment for problematic sexual behaviors and partner relational trauma. We offer a variety of workshops and therapy groups for helping both addict and partner and couples. We are organizing our next Advanced Men's Therapy Group and have openings for individuals who are seeking to further their recovery with a deep dive into family of origin and attachment repair. Our next Phase 3 group facilitated by George Peckham, LMFT, CSAT starts Monday September 13th 7-8:30. Please contact Leslie Haws,LMFT, CSAT, Clinical Director at or call 916.728.5433 for more information. Visit our website at    (Ad expires:  Monday, July 5th 2021)

For Sale
Offices For Rent

94115 SanFrancisco: Cozy furnished 3rd Fl. office available for sublet for several days/wk. Lower Pacific Heights, SF, across from Mt Zion Med Ctr on Post St, 2 blks from main Kaiser campus on Geary. Part of co-op, w/ waiting rm, WiFi, access to restrooms. Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon. Monthly cost per day is $185, w/discounts the more days added.       (Ad expires:  Tuesday, June 29th 2021)

94115 SanFrancisco: Well-maintained Professional Office Space in Victorian-style Building. Furnished and Part Of a 3 Office Suite With 2 Other Psychotherapy Professionals. Mini Kitchen, Hand Sanitizer, and Wait Area Currently Not Used Following Covid Protocols. Suitable for Therapist or Other Professional. Mask Wearing in Common Areas. 12.5 Ft By 9.5 Ft (119 Sq. Ft.). Office Has Two Windows and Skylight That Opens. Available to Sublet Monday, Thursday, and Friday With One Year Sublease Agreement. Rent is $310 Per Day Of The Month or $1400 per month. DSL Internet Included.       (Ad expires:  Thursday, July 1st 2021)

94115 SanFrancisco: Bright, spacious 2-room full time psychotherapy office available on the 2nd floor of a small commercial Victorian, centrally located in Pacific Heights, at California and Fillmore. Main room is approx. 12x13, includes a large closet with file cabinet and storage and a non-working fireplace. Smaller side room is 7x8.5 ft. and is ideal for play therapy or assessment. Twelve foot ceilings and street-facing windows in each room. Total square footage is 242 square feet. Five-year lease offered and preferred; first month's rent waived. Monthly rent is $1200, utilities are additional. If interested or questions, contact Rebecca at: 415-921-2139.       (Ad expires:  Sunday, July 4th 2021)

94122 SanFrancisco: Office sublet available for full and half days. The office is fully furnished and located on the first floor (handicap accessible) of a professional office building located in Lower Pacific Heights area in San Francisco. There is adequate seating for seeing individuals and/or couples. The office building has a waiting room, lounge, and bathroom. Free and metered street parking is available and nearby parking garages in the lower Pacific Heights area. There is also easy access to Muni bus lines and is nearby retail stores, cafes, and eateries. The office is available as soon as possible. Flexible availability for an office tour. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (full day or half day) Tuesday and Fridays (half day only) Full-day rate 7am to 9pm at $200/month Half-day rate 7am to 3pm at $125/month Saturday or Sunday full day at $200/month Rent includes utilities and housekeeping Office is not suitable for families, children, or groups       (Ad expires:  Friday, June 25th 2021)

94131 SanFrancisco: Ready to rent now - two offices for rent in Glen Part near Noe Valley for psychotherapist or any other kind of therapist or healing arts practitioner. One office is available full time Monday through Saturday and the other is available for 4 days and Saturday as well if needed. It has a waiting room, fully functional kitchen and bathroom and a lovely garden in back for rest between clients or even outdoor sessions if you like. It is near transportation and many different restaurants to choose from very close. The rent is per day for the month. I can rent by the one day if that is all you need. I am a psychologist and also have a therapy office in the suite. hoping to have some good colleagues... happy to accommodate requests. Dr. Tania Shertock 415 990-6455 I will send photos to your email or phone if you request. very flexible as to when you can look at it.       (Ad expires:  Tuesday, June 22nd 2021)

94609 E.Bay: Three full-time offices available in a Victorian, all therapist building located in Oakland, close to Summit Hospital. The building offers a collegial, diverse and supportive environment. All inclusive rents with parking are $948, $1100 and $1600 monthly. The largest office is approximately 430 sq/ft and has 9 windows. Please see listing below for additional descriptive information. 510-658-1966    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, June 23rd 2021)

94609 E.Bay: One month free with a 12-month lease. Nicely furnished psychotherapy office in Victorian building. Minimum two days required. $400 per month total for two days per week w/discount for additional days. (Equivalent to $200/day/month) Choose any two days: Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun. (Wed possible). FREE Off-street parking and internet access for therapists. Ground floor office with signal system and direct access to staff-only kitchen and restroom. New paint and furniture August 2019. Located in Oakland in Pill Hill area near Summit Hospital. Congenial and diverse colleagues; opportunity for referrals. One block off Telegraph Ave bus line and walkable from Bart. Contact me for more info or in-person viewing.       (Ad expires:  Friday, July 9th 2021)

95014 S.Bay: Luxury office suite for rent or for lease, with 3 interconnected rooms: waiting room (9 x 10), 2 therapy/consultation rooms (20 x 15 and 11 x 10). Conference rooms available. "Located in West Valley Executive Park. It provides a professional office environment for small, professional businesses on the West side of San Jose. The complex consists of four, two-story buildings and a total of 126,000 square feet at 4010-4040 Moorpark Avenue, just one block from Highway 280/Saratoga Ave. Dozens of tenants enjoy free use of conference rooms, kitchenettes, and on-site management. In addition, more than 100 mature redwood trees on the site provide a unique campus-like setting. FEATURES Convenient West Valley Location specializing in small office suites. Easy access to Hwy 280 Many Amenities Within Walking Distance Common Conference Rooms and Kitchen Areas Ample Parking On-Site Management"       (Ad expires:  Saturday, June 19th 2021)

95630 Sac/N.Inland: Folsom office sublet 2.5 days per week. Furnished. Window view. Near Lake Natoma. Shared receptionist. Cozy staff lounge with refrigerator, microwave, other amenities. $475/month (916) 492-8283.       (Ad expires:  Wednesday, June 23rd 2021)

95630 Sac/N.Inland: Folsom: Office space and Virtual office space available for lease. Virtual office comes fully furnished and is exclusively designed for use as a therapist office. Virtual office start at $300/month and includes: 10 hours/week, plus 2 hours of conference room/month, with flexible days/times. Telehealth/virtual therapy accommodating. Various sized private office suites and executive offices available to accommodate single or multi use. Starting at $750/month, private offices included: 24/7 access, on site reception guest greeting and waiting room, use of two different sized conference rooms. All offices include: access to large lounge & kitchen with TV and fireplace, gourmet espresso machine and beverage services, business phone with custom greeting and routing, personal mailbox and mail room, high speed internet, 24/7 security system, white noise sound barrier included for added privacy, private parking lot and janitorial utilities and maintenance.    (Ad expires:  Friday, July 9th 2021)

95630 Sac/N.Inland: Therapist Office Folsom: Spacious window office in medical/professional office. Easy access area in Folsom, in suite bathroom, kitchen, waiting area, WIFI, handicap accessible, plenty of parking. $775 monthly, utilities included, annual commitment required. (916-850-5084)    (Ad expires:  Monday, August 23rd 2021)

95677 Sac/N.Inland: Rocklin-Full time furnished office available in mid August. $375.00 per month, plus $45.00 utilities. Call Teresa at (916)289-1190 or email       (Ad expires:  Friday, July 9th 2021)

95678 Sac/N.Inland: Large, furnished office in beautiful Roseville therapy building available 2 days/week. Utilities, janitorial, wifi & free prkg included. See website for photos & more info. $250/mo. Call 916-783-0563.    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, June 30th 2021)

95762 Sac/N.Inland: El Dorado Hills - 2 Offices available in upscale professional building (Windplay Dr.). Very quiet building with the other offices rented to psychotherapists. Office 1 - 12' X 16' - 192 sq ft - $600 Office 2 - 7.8' x 11.6' - 90 sq ft - $300 Utilities and Internet included, as well as use of a nicely decorated reception and kitchen. If interested please contact Dr. Paul Sunseri at 530-647-6458       (Ad expires:  Monday, July 12th 2021)

95816 Sac/N.Inland: We have a 3 story Victorian Style building built around the turn of the century that has been converted into a few intimate offices ideal for working professionals in the downtown Sacramento area. We have 3 available offices in the 1st. and 3rd floor. The office has very respectable tenants who are primarily therapists! The property is on J Street in close vicinity to the State Capital surrounded by great amenities and eclectic retail shops, national and local restaurants, various financial, medical and governmental institution. The monthly rent for these offices ranges from $485-$670 and the size ranges from 234 sf - 148 sf. There are waiting rooms on each of the 3 floors to accommodate waiting clients. Internet services is included in the price for the first six months and charged at a minimal cost after 6 months. Please contact Yazmin Ranger at (949) 261-7700 ext. 230 or       (Ad expires:  Thursday, July 8th 2021)

95818 Sac/N.Inland: Offices available in charming Land Park Professional Building dedicated to the healing arts. Full time and part time offices in 2 story Spanish style building just minutes from downtown Rent includes all utilities, parking, janitorial and landscaping maintenance. First floor is handicap accessible. For more information or a showing of available offices, call manager 925 360 0644       (Ad expires:  Thursday, July 15th 2021)

95825 Sac/N.Inland: therapist office furnished in person and/or telehealth WiFi share/sublease available 2 or more days per week@$60/day Large conference room kitchen free parking security on site AM&PM. beautiful central University Park 100 HOWE AVENUE Suite 210 South email me or call Will Hughes 916838 8682       (Ad expires:  Sunday, July 11th 2021)

Offices Wanted

95630 Sac/N.Inland: Folsom: Licensed therapist who works with adults is looking for a part-time office or to share a lease with another therapist. Please contact Graciela at or 510-585-3514.    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, July 14th 2021)

95678 Sac/N.Inland: Licensed MFT seeking office sublet in/near Roseville on Wednesdays. Ideally looking for office large enough for family therapy and a window! Text/call Gina at 916-544-9045.       (Ad expires:  Wednesday, June 23rd 2021)

95834 Sac/N.Inland: Hello! I'm looking to rent an office full-time in the midtown area in Sacramento for $500 max (negotiable). I've been a therapist for 6 years, and run my private practice, Seeds of Growth Counseling. Check out my site and get to know me! Send me an email or text me: (209) 553-0827   http://    (Ad expires:  Friday, July 2nd 2021)

Other Services/Miscellaneous

95816 Consulting services for starting a private practice: As an LMFT, LPCC and owner of a private practice, I developed a consulting business to aid other clinicians in opening up their own practices. Some of the services provided are practice management, marketing and promotion, managing insurance carriers, developing a referral pipeline, recruiting and supervising therapists and billing and cash flow. In today's market, it isn't enough to be a good psychotherapist - you need to be a business and marketing expert, too. Whether you are a new therapist first starting out or an experienced therapist that needs some help creating a marketing strategy for today's economy, I will get your business moving and improve your bottom line. I specialize in helping people improve their online marketing message and build their private practice. I love helping people navigate the details of marketing, supervising clinicians and practice development.    (Ad expires:  Monday, June 28th 2021)

95816 WordPress website services for sole proprietors and small businesses: As a Sacramento-based freelance web designer, I offer affordably priced solutions for professionals looking to establish or elevate their online presence. My services include both custom and semi-custom website design, web hosting, and site maintenance. I love working with therapists and would be happy to share some samples with you. As a starting point, give me a call to talk over your needs or current situation (916.524.2079), or visit my website to check out packages & pricing.    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, July 14th 2021)

Positions Available

94904 The Marin County Department of Health and Human Services is accepting applications for the following positions: Crisis Specialist/Licensed Crisis Specialist, regular and extra hire, within the Crisis Stabilization Unit, Mobile Crisis Continuum and Jail Mental Health. To apply/learn more about the positions, visit our website:    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, June 22nd 2021)

95661 Sac/N.Inland: Turning Point Community Programs (TPCP) is seeking a Assistant Program Director for our Coloma Center in Roseville. TPCP provides integrated, cost-effective mental health services, employment and housing for adults, children and their families that promote recovery, independence and self-sufficiency. We are committed to innovative and high-quality services that assist adults and children with psychiatric, emotional and/or developmental disabilities in achieving their goals. TPCP has offered a path to mental health and recovery since 1976. We help people in our community every single day - creating a better space for all types of people in need. Join our mission of offering hope, respect and support to our clients on their journey to mental health and wellness. To view the full job description, please cut and paste the link below:    (Ad expires:  Monday, June 21st 2021)

95821 Sac/N.Inland: Would you like to gain hours in the active milieu of a non-public school? Aldar Academy is seeking clinicians to provide mental health services to students ages 4 - 22 years old: LMFT, AMFT, LPCC Interns, LCSW or ASW. Candidates must have strong communication skills, initiative, and the ability to collaborate with staff members and outside services in order to meet the emotional and practical needs of our student population. Mental health staff provide individual counseling, group counseling, provide crisis intervention, conflict resolution, and support the classroom. Please send your resume to:    (Ad expires:  Wednesday, June 23rd 2021)

95834 Sac/N.Inland: Clinical Director to head a team of social service professionals in a Medi-Cal funded outpatient clinic located in North Natomas and Citrus Heights. Private office in North Natomas, ample free parking in a park like location. Competitive salary, excellent benefits, many perks including free in house CEUs.. Current CA license as an LMFT, LCSW or LPCC. BBS supervisory eligibility a plus. Must be well organized, have good follow through and attention to detail. Strong leadership skills. Right candidate should be well versed in Microsoft Office. Experience with Sacramento County Avatar a plus as well as experience in housing/homeless service provision. Position consists of clinical supervision and oversight, direction of housing program including budget administration and providing individual and group therapy to service recipients. Contact Nicola Simmersbach, Regional Director at or at 916-508-7513 with questions. Apply at    (Ad expires:  Friday, June 25th 2021)

95838 Sac/N.Inland: Contracted Position for BBS Clinical Supervisor available. Our community-based mental health agency is seeking a LCSW to provide weekly individual clinical BBS supervision to members of our growing team of ASW Clinicians. Presently, the need is for up to 4 hours per week, though this could fluctuate. We have clinics in both Del Paso Heights and the Arden/Arcade areas. Must be a LCSW and meet all BBS requirements to supervise associates. Prior experience working within systems of care and in community-based mental health highly desired. Email us for more info and to set up an interview!    (Ad expires:  Thursday, July 1st 2021)

BAY AREA CENTER FOR ADHD IS HIRING - The Bay Area Center for ADHD ( is hiring clinicians (MFTs, LCSW, PhD/PsyD, LPC) in San Francisco, Marin, the East Bay, Peninsula, and South Bay. Clinicians may see clients in our clinics, or may see clients in their own private practice offices. We are hiring licensed clinicians who have experience with CBT and Family Systems, and there are opportunities for training in CBT, Family Systems, EMDR, and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Our group practice meets on the first Friday of the month to discuss research and cases. We also hold consultation groups via Zoom (to accommodate for the COVID-19 pandemic) on Mondays and Fridays at 12pm. To apply, email your cover letter and resume to We hope you can join our team!    (Ad expires:  Tuesday, June 22nd 2021)

Sac/N.Inland: Attention LCSWs, Kiasi Retreats in quaint Fair Oaks, CA is accepting resumes for a BBS Licensure Supervisor opportunity. Required: 2 years post licensure. Experience working as part of a multidisciplinary team is a huge plus. To apply, please send resume by email.    (Ad expires:  Friday, July 9th 2021)

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